Tuesday, March 6, 2012


February in the Willmore home was a great one, we had a fun snow day
with Dad one day. Pretty much all of Denver shut down that day. We played
in the
snow and put some puzzles together. Jordyn is six months old
now, I can't believe it. At her six month app. she is now 17 pounds! She is
already in 12 month clothes! She's starting on solids but she's not
quite sure how she feels about it. We definitely have to practice
on that one. Caden is talking a lot more these days. He even
is using some sentences here and there. We are excited Spring
is around the corner. We need to get outside!!!


Suzette Willmore said...

wow - jordyn is a little chub and so CUTE! i enjoy seeing how your kids change, since we never see ya'll anymore. that will change this summer and we can't wait!

McKenzie Johnson said...

How fun! They are growing so fast I just can't believe it!