Thursday, February 2, 2012

Story time with Daddy! I love this picture, it melts my heart.
Here are some pictures from January. Jordyn is 5 months now and
is growing so fast. Her hair is growing in blonde, it looks like she'll have her
brothers hair. At her four month app. she is in the 70% in weight and height and
her head is in the 90%. She is our little chunky monkey.
Caden is loving his
more and more these days. He is so cute with her. Jordyn
loves it of
course. Whenever Caden plays with her she is all smiles! It
gives me hope that they will play well together when they get older.
Here is to hoping right? Caden is mommies little helper,
he is almost 2 1/2, time flies. He is learning to talk more and more.
It's fun to hear him say short phrases, not quite sentences yet but we
are getting there. He loves to play with his toys. He still loves cars and trains.
He makes me laugh at the things he creates with his blocks and lego's.
He has quite the imagination. He of course is in the terrible two stage,
but he is a lot of fun!
We've had a good month, we just kept at home most of
the month. We've been fighting off some colds and the flu. We are excited for
Spring to come so we can spend more time outside, and go visit some
more exciting places here in Denver!


Suzette Willmore said...

what cute little kids! fun to hear about all of your adventures!

McKenzie Johnson said...

what cute kiddos you two have!

Becky and Matt said...

I love all of your pictures! They are so cute!We miss you!

Angie said...

They are so adorable!! What a fun stage they're in! :) Miss you!